Falling into Infinity

Makishima brothers!
Ren please turn around!! I want to see your face!

With my Makichan ^ω^


Toudo CN :Euan (me
Makishima CN:SAB

krickettking said: Hey there talented person! I just bumped into your gorgeous Yowapeda fan art you just posted. And I was wondering, can you (or I and link to your page?) make a post with just the last two photos? I will absolutely not if you don't answer or don't want me to, but I'm just drooling over your drawings of Makishima's back and face :) He's so beautiful and your work is amazing. Thank you for posting and I hope I didn't offend you in any way.

 I am sorry to reply late,thank you for your compliment!!
You can just link to the page which you want! ^_^

cainester said: omg your Yowapeda art is amazing thank you for sharing them! By the way, what program do you usually use for digital drawing? (Oh and, happy Moon Festival!)

Thanks for your compliment! I usually use photoshop Cs5 for digital drawing.

Well……I know it’s sound weird but I like aramaki this shipping.






瑪爾瑟斯,性別:男,尾赫,穿女裝據說是為了混淆搜查官視聽,裙底是黑暗世界 。



They are so cute ˇωˇ
somersault kiss!

I just want to draw Makishima and Todo’s back.